Name: Gergely Gyertyános
Nickname: Gyertya
Date of birth: 30. 03. 1983.
Place of birth: Budapest
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Hobby: surf, go-kart

In 1995 (when I was 12 years old) I started my sportcareer with the help of István Hargittai my coach at the Club Spartacus Budapest (known as Spari). The love of water, the closeness of nature, the good team and the quick success were the reasons why I have chosen the kayak. For my greatest pleasure I have soon become a multiple Hungarian Champion, that’s why I began my studies at Kölcsey Ferenc High School’s sports class in Budapest, so I could concentrated on the kayak.
In 2003, after my first international success, it became obvious that I’ve found my way. Thanks to Miklós Séra (master coach) I have won European and World Championships, World Cup in the race 200 m.
I have been kayaking at UTE since 2001. To become a real professional canoeist and to improve my knowledge about the human body and sport performance I’m studying to be a coach.